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Grab Everyone’s Attention!

Does your shop need an illuminated sign in front of it? Would you like an impressive LED lightbox to increase brand awareness? Cairns Signcorp specialises in designing and installing LED and lightboxes throughout Cairns and surrounds.
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Why Do You Need LED Lightboxes?

Here is a list of reasons why LED lightboxes can be a smart investment for any business:
Professional & attractive
You can use LED lightboxes to send a message about your company. The fact you installed an attractive lightbox tells clients you are a professional business worth checking out.
Lightboxes with LED lighting are very bright & you can notice them from afar. That will increase your reach & ensure more people hear about your brand or product.
LED lighting is cost-effective, which means you will reduce your carbon footprint & energy spending compared to standard lighting.
Indoor & outdoor use
Depending on your needs, you can use lightboxes & other signage both indoors & outdoors.
Non-stop advertising
If the location of your lightbox is accessible 24/7, you will enjoy round the clock advertising.
Visible from both sides
Thanks to this, these materials have added visibility.
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Who Should Have LED & Lightboxes?

A lightbox is perfect for any shop since it attracts the customer’s attention from afar. It is a popular choice for grocery stores, butchers and other shops. Cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars often go with LED signs. Since these businesses are open at night, it is an especially effective marketing strategy for them. You can also see illuminated signage in medical offices, gyms and other business types.
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At Cairns Signcorp
We can help you design eye-catching signs to increase your sales potential. We create neon bars, illuminated and electronic signage and LED lightboxes to help your business show its products and services. Our lightboxes are of exceptional quality and built to last. We are also experts in designing and installing pylon signs, which are big, bold and eye-catching. That makes them the ultimate advertising method for any business.