The Vision

The Apprentice’s Painting


A normal 17 year old, I completed High School in 1996.  Leaving home, I ventured south of Cairns, where I had been accepted into a new graphic design course at JCU, Townsville.

After 3 years and graduating from University, I returned home to Cairns where I began working at Cairns Signcorp, at the ripe age of 21.  I was an excited, yet ‘un-experienced’ apprentice, starting at the very bottom, with absolutely no idea of how signs were made!

With a strong passion to display any sort of ‘visual explosion’ for the eye to see, I strived.  I worked my way up , gaining vast knowledge and ‘hands-on’ experience in all aspects of the sign industry.  Endless painted stained clothes, cuts, burns, bruises, blood sweat and tears came with it!  From traditional hand written brushwork, gold leaf and murals, right through to vinyl cut stickers, screen printing and large pylon installations, I learnt it all.

I indulged in the transition of the ‘old skool’ traditional sign-writing, to the ‘new’s cool’ way of graphic design, vinyl cut signs and printing.

Ten years on, I was at the top of my game, running the company as if it were my own, it felt like it was second nature!

It was at this point, my boss and mentor of 10 years, asked me if I would like to ‘take the reins’, and purchase the company off him in 2012.  I agreed, and became the new owner of Cairns Signcorp, ready to unleash my creative side,…..I was ready to take on the World of Signs…!

It’s funny, looking back at my journey…I had absolutely no idea.

The whole time, I’d been painting a picture of my life.